So here we are again
High above all the others
I can see them all
Foes, friends, lovers, my mother
My Father is the one I’m going to meet

There’s the boulevard
Street of dreams, they look like toys now
I can see the girl, faceless, nameless
Teach clueless boys how
This will never be the one she’ll teach

’Cause the sky is blue it blows my mind
Because the wind is high it makes me cry

Here upon this bridge
From then to then via now
I see it all so clear
All these days, weeks and hours
But soon they’ll pull the bridge from under my feet

So speak to me as I stand here before you
Betray me now or let me come inside
The eyes, the face, the force, I do adore you
The light, the voice that tell me I can fly

Here I am again, high above the world
Take good care of my little girl
Just think of me as another satellite
The moon, the stars, you know I fell in love
A small step for a man
And I fly