Album: Infants on Ice
Released: 2024
Recorded at Prepost, Twintree and CTP Studios, Stockholm, 2019-2023
Engineer: Niklas Sjöberg
Producer: Bo Christo
Written by: Bo Christo Schager


Mats Wigerdal: drums
BC: bass, keyboards and vocals
Arvid Krantz: electric guitar, accordion and synthesizers
Jochum Forsell: electric guitar

So you cut the deal
Took them for all they had
Controlled it right from the start
They got what they deserved

An uppercut concealed
Pulled out like rabbit in hat
A real work of art
A lesson well learned

But then remember that
One day you might meet again
And the tables are turned

It is a beauty to see
Nature’s way to succeed
How all the pieces
Are fitting just perfect

Someone has to be
Up there to take the lead
If we were all followers
We’d be walking In circles

Like the silver ball
Trouble is bouncing around
Right, left, up, right and left
And no one she serves

But nature has her laws
And slowly it’s trickling down
We all know where it ends
And who will be burned

So let’s hope you won’t meet again
When skies have cleared
And tables have turned