Album: Infants on Ice
Released: 2024
Recorded at Prepost, Twintree and CTP Studios, Stockholm, 2019-2023
Engineer: Arvid Krantz
Producer: Bo Christo
Written by: Bo Christo Schager


Mats Wigerdal: drums
BC: bass, guitars and vocals
Ulf Berlin: electric guitar
Danielle Dahlström: vocals
Jochum Forsell: electric guitar and vocals

The line is broken
The unborn choking
A future stolen
And I’m not joking

It’s not funny
It’s not funny
Not funny at all

It’s not funny
It’s not funny
Not funny at all

Why is my head the one that’s still talking
While the real ones are already ashes
It’s the worst life I’ve ever had part in
Will they dance on my grave if I ask them?

Oh no

Everyday there’s a man with a handgun
Everyday they leave laughter behind
Everyday there’s a woman that won’t run
Anyway they’ll continue to shine

Oh yeah

The spell is broken
The curse awoken
Time is frozen
A world choking
It is broken
And I’m not joking