There’s Always a Reason


Album: Paris-Stockholm
Released: 12/06/1999
Recorded at Airplay Studios and Park Studio, Stockholm, Sept 95 – May 1999
Engineer: Niklas Sjöberg
Mastering: Mia Lorentzson, at Polar Studios, Stockholm
Songs by: Bo Christo Schager
Cover photo: Nina Tallec


Patrik Sviberg: Drums
Bo Christo: Bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
Jochum Forsell: Electric guitar, vocals
Johan Werner: Electric guitar

All I ever do is put you down
Down, down, down, down

As I’m inhaling this Vermeer
Looking into your eyes
Reflections give a bitter salty taste
‘Cause what I see is just a mirror
Me in your disguise
I realize that Jago is your name
And as your eyes meet mine I know that we‘re two of a kind
And if it’s true, then baby it’s goodbye
There is no use
Such a waste

Why do we put each other down?
Down, down, down, down
Smeared out on the ground
Down, down, down, down
‘Cause if you ever do to me just half the things I’ve done to you
I swear to god I’ll cut you up in pieces
I say this most reluctantly ‘cause I still think we could’ve pulled it through
But it’s understood it’s too late now for dreamers
And if you think this came suddenly and that I’m acting hastily
Then don’t forget there’s always a reason
Often somewhere just out of reaching

I’ve been so blind
Blind, blind, blind, blind
How you’ve put me down
Down underground

From now on you’re going down
Down down is where you’re bound now
Wanna see you hit the ground
Can’t wait to hear that smashing sound
All you ever do is punch me down…
Down, down, down