Lady Bracknell


Album: Paris-Stockholm
Released: 12/06/1999
Recorded at Airplay Studios and Park Studio, Stockholm, Sept 95 – May 1999
Engineer: Niklas Sjöberg
Mastering: Mia Lorentzson, at Polar Studios, Stockholm
Songs by: Bo Christo Schager
Cover photo: Nina Tallec


Stellan Wahlström: Drums
Bo Christo: Bell, vocals
Jochum Forsell: Electric guitar
Johan Werner: Bass
Arvid Krantz: Electric guitar
Niklas Synning: Keyboards

I don’t have an income (it would interfere with my freedom)
I have no occupation and not even a profession
I have no plans to get one cause I’m lacking all ambition
And I don’t take no orders so I’ll never get promotion

I don’t like pedigrees
Or bowing for the elderly
I loathe fine traditions
Like begging for her hand

Lady Bracknell, may I marry your daughter?
Your Highness, may I marry your daughter?

I don’t like the hippies or the punks, the Armani men,
Art dealers, drug dealers, right wingers, left wingers
People stuck in the past, the future or the present
I do like individuals but I’ve never really met one

I have no opinions (and if I did you wouldn’t like ‘em)
I have no tolerance
With stupidity or ignorance
And least of all with intolerance

I contradict myself in every breath but at least I always tell the truth

Lady Bracknell, may I marry your daughter?
Your Highness, may I merry your daughter?