A Perfect Life


Album: The Perfect EP
Released: 24/3/2014
Recorded at  Airplay, Stockholm, 2012-2013
Engineer: Niklas Sjöberg
Producer: Bo Christo
Mastering: Reuben Cohen, Lurssen Mastering, Hollywood
Written by: Bo Christo Schager
Cover photo: Zamina


Patrik Lindqvist: piano
Lasse Rohlin: electric guitar
Niklas Janzon: drums
Bo: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, vox
Johan Werner: electric guitar, vox
Patrik Sviberg: percussion

Every thing I ever say
Every thing I ever do
in some weird subconscious way
It’s all about getting close to you
but every time we met I wake up in sweat
and back in this mare I’m sending a prayer
That you dreamed it too

But I know you live a perfect life
where love it flows like wine
and laughter fills the room you’re in
So different from mine

It may be a day it may be a week
Before it’s too late I got to speak
Untie this tongue and let them out
These fettered words, set them free
what I’m trying to express
Is a wish that when you answer Yes
The question came from me

But I know you live a perfect life
where love it flows like wine
and some body is touching you
I wish it could be mine

Maybe I am drunk
or maybe just scared
but all of this junk
filling my head
pounding me to sleep
waking me again
the world is a dream
but this is so real
we’re in the same land
but world’s apart
so many words
to empty my heart
when three
is all I need