Grand Piano


Album: Titles And Frames
Released: 2020
Recorded at  Airplay, Stockholm, 2017-2020
Engineer: Niklas Sjöberg
Producer: Bo Christo
Written by: Bo Christo Schager


Niklas Janzon: drums
BC: bass, acoustic guitar and vocals
Lasse Rohlin: electric guitar
Danielle Dahlström: vocals
Jochum Forsell: vocals


Suddenly it’s so quiet
Like a joke that missed the mark
Just the thoughts inside the head
Sparkles longing for the dark

It’s remnants of what is lost
Like neutrons gone astray
Running out of control
That collide and detonate

And the words that I wrote you
On your grand piano
Now rings untrue
And the promise that I gave you
Sounds so futile
And so out of tune

I want to be that crutch
I want to lend that hand
I want to be that ear
But time is your only friend
The only one to hear
And to understand

I read the words that you wrote me
The meaning coming through
It all comes from you
And the promise that I gave you
Although futile
Still might someday come true