I Can Protect You From The Lions Out There But Not The Chicken Inside


Album: Beijing-Bangalore
Released: 28/12/2011
Recorded at Park Studio, Långbro, EMI, Airplay, Stockholm & Bangalore, 2000-2011
Engineer: Niklas Sjöberg
Producer: Bo Christo
Mastering: CRP
Songs by: Bo Christo Schager
Cover painting: Karin Forsberg


Johan Werner: electric guitar
BC: voice
Jochum Forsell: tambourine
Patrik Sviberg: drums
Patrik Hedqvist: bass
Patrik Lindqvist: piano
Andreas Palmborg: trombone
Tobias Eklund: trumpet

I’m not trying to protect you
It’s a totally selfish move
I don’t want to spend my days knowing
I never warned you

I don’t mean to scare you
So please excuse me if I do
I just like you to step outside
Feel the breeze of something new

Yes of course you may stay in here
Inside here just where you are
Light the fire, have a Calva
And a puff on your cigar

But remember there’s a stage out there
And the show has just begun
When night falls and you’re still alone

Life is going on out there
And it’s just too big to be missed
It’s often ugly, often brutal
But it’s worth it for just a kiss
Or a hug, an eye, a smile
Or whatever comes your way
Maybe just a friend to talk to
When the smoke ring’s blown away

But remember that the stage is set
If you’re waiting for your cue
Well someone is waiting for you

Always keep an open window
For the one you dislike the most
She might be your best amigo
(it is just like food you know)

But remember that the stage is set
If you’re waiting for your cue
And someone is waiting for you