Album: The Perfect EP
Released: 24/3/2014
Recorded at  Airplay, Stockholm, 2012-2013
Engineer: Niklas Sjöberg
Producer: Bo Christo
Mastering: Reuben Cohen, Lurssen Mastering, Hollywood
Written by: Bo Christo Schager
Cover photo: Zamina


Jochum Forsell: electric guitar, vox
Bo: bass, vox
Niklas Janzon: drums
Johan Werner: electric guitar

I’m perfect
Logical and balanced, Funny but not shallow, Clever and engaging
You’ll never get a second shot at me

But I must admit, that I acted a bit, when I smiled at my aunt, and her tedious spouse, (but it’s a very big house)
And I know I’m wrong, when I’m passing along, the blame to the one, who’s absent and gone. I mean stop to pretend, that I’m innocent, and start act like a gent
Period and end

Otherwise I’m perfect
Confident but humble, generous to strangers, adequate and focused
You’ll never get a second shot at me

And maybe once in a while, I happened to lie, about ideas and kind, that I merchandise, implying they’re mine

And it might just look nice, to peel off a vice, like borrowing other men’s wives
But just give me a drink, a smile and a wink, I’ll be yours in a blink. Just stop playing with hearts, it would do for a start

Otherwise I’m perfect
Curious and modest, responsible and playful, bold and empathetic
You’ll never get a second shot at me

And I should realize, that indifference like, closing my eyes, at uncomfortable sights, at the news every night, mean it all carries on, and somebody dies, the following night

And why is it so hard, to pick up the phone, give my mother a call, my father a call, tell them how much I care, while they are still here

Otherwise I’m perfect
Eloquent, compassionate, determined and pragmatic, solution oriented
I’ll never be entangled in the past

I should learn to cool down, don’t run all the time, find out how to find, some peace of mind, and not to be scared, by a moment to spare

And verbally too, I need to stay cool, I need to restrain, my language and aim, to connect to the brain, before I start maim

And stop believing that I’m…


Why is it so hard to live like a saint
Why is it so dark in this womb to tomb maze
And a pile-up in front of that narrow gate
Why oh why… God I can’t follow the rules