Album: Paris-Stockholm
Released: 12/06/1999
Recorded at Airplay Studios and Park Studio, Stockholm, Sept 95 – May 1999
Engineer: Niklas Sjöberg
Mastering: Mia Lorentzson, at Polar Studios, Stockholm
Songs by: Bo Christo Schager
Cover photo: Nina Tallec


Patrik Sviberg: Drums
Bo Christo – Bass, vocals
Jochum Forsell: Electric guitar, percussion, vocals
Johan Werner: Electric guitar
Patrik Lindqvist: Organ

Hey there lady, wanna take a trip to far away?
Stay there ’n maybe find a shelter, live in luxury?

La la la la la – El Dorado
La la la la la – Paradise
Na na na na na – Utopia
La la la la la –

¿Hola guapa, wanna find the happy hunting grounds?
And Señorita all your margaritas are on the house

Valhalla la la la – Elysium
Shangri La la la la – my heaven
Nirvana na na na – Utopia
Nangija la la la

Just give me your throat and I’ll give you a kiss
I’ll show you a place, something more than this
I’ll be your guide on this carpet ride
Uncover your throat and I’ll give you a kiss
An everlasting kiss

No more dirty tricks, politics, black crusaders
No more mango wafers, lemon trees or Sunday papers
If you say no more Asians I say no Caucasians either
And if you hear that there’s no turning back it’s nothing but jealous slander

Valhalla la la la – Schlaraffenland
Shangri La la la la – My Xanadu
Nirvana na na na – Cucania
Nangija la la la – Schlaraffenland

Let’s all get blissed on the isle of the blessed
Let us all capture the ultimate rapture
Get yourself beautiful beatitude
Uncover your throat and I’ll give you a kiss
Everlasting kiss