I Had A Lot


Album: New York-Barentsburg
Released: 01/12/2003
Recorded at at Park, Orminge, Långbro and Airplay Studios, Stockholm 1999-2003.
Engineer: Niklas Sjöberg
Producer: Bo Christo
Mastering: Frank Sanderson
Songs by: Bo Christo Schager
Cover photo: Nina Tallec


Patrik Sviberg: Drums
Bo Christo: Bass, electric guitars, handclaps, vocals
Jochum Forsell: Electric rhythm guitar, handclaps, vocals
Danielle Dahlström: Vocals

I had a lot today
I had it with these times
I’ve had it with time managers
Scribblings out of rhyme

Now is just so full of it
It’s matter without substance
And as yesterday is long gone
Tomorrow is my hope and my companion

But to get there I must remain here, through this day I’ll clear a way
I’ll just take a giant stake, and penetrate Today

I had a lot a lot today
I set the spirits free
Maybe it wasn’t wise to do
But wisdom wasn’t my need

So I sat and thought of things
I’d never thought I’d think
Maybe it wasn’t wise to do
But when all is said and done
You just order one more drink

All I have, all I possess, is a longing out of here
So give me the recipe to flee this ordeal

Maybe there’s no harm
Living on a farm

All your favors, all your manors, all your petty rendez-vous
Will not last a milliblast when Now is breaking loose
Somewhere out there there’s a fair cop saying ‘this is why and how’
Until I meet him I just need an extra life for Now