Do you remember when the climax was the drummer’s solo?
For five long minutes he would go berserk and beat those bongos
I can still hear the agony, the sighs, the oh nos, oh those poor things

In the stunned audience I look around I watch him practice
Am I the only one in here who doesn’t understand this?
When he stops I will applaud forever and no one will notice

Those were the days…

Do you remember when he passed the spotlight on
To the guitarist who then seemed to think you’d measure music
And delight in speed, whipping the strings, harassing the frets
Insulting our brain cells?

Those were the days…

See those fingers
Hear the Gibson
How he lingers
And those tom-toms

Spread the rumour
Tell your friends now
About that drummer
Hope it ends now

So here I am and there they are the famous jazzy trio
A karaoke machine, a nice spiceless background for
Someone to brilliantly apply their thing upon
But no one’s there.

Those were the days
Those were the days…