Perfect Match

I’m sorry honey but it seems
That I might have burned your toast
And that accidently
I peed in your orange juice

And maybe I forgot to say
I invited mum for holiday
And made a mention to your boss
Of your abusive history

Sold your dog and bought a car
Sold the car, bought jewelry
Sold the jewelry, bought some shoes
Gave your shoes to charity

And we wake up and we break the battle up
Lick a wound or two and then we start anew

I punch your lip, I bite your tongue
I whip your hip, I pierce your lung
I break your jaw and plug your eyes
And I scratch your 45’s

And late at night when I’m alone
Sneak into your telephone
Writing random messages
And letters to the editors

When the house is still and dark
And you think that I’m asleep
I’m on-line with your credit card
Going for a shopping spree

Think that such a tiny world could hatch
Two little birds with such a perfect match

Count on me always
I’ll always be true
I’ll hurt nobody
No one but you