Some people say most men are mostly pieces of slime
Well let me add it goes for about five out of five

Just think of the boy you followed home
He seemed to be the kosher one
But when he’s had his little fun
He’ll take his Y-fronts and run

We are all sleazy slimy creatures deep within

I made a famished friend last night
Her fully-fed fiancé was away
She lived her humdrum life
Down in the doldrums ’n I
Followed her there ’n stayed the night

Maybe it’s a part of being human
How we got the monkeys out-maneuvered
A gift god added to his creation
A short cut to world domination

They call the cocktail Happiness
Survival of the fascistest
Drooling over the election buffet
We’re all voting with our wallets

We are all sleazy slimy creatures deep inside
And further down I think we’re all quite satisfied

Look at the longhaired bald rock star
Revitalized but still bizarre
And the successful architects
Who ruined this town in a few decades
And when the taxman shows no mercy
We’re moving our fax machines to Guernsey
And the poor Finnish commie party
Going bankrupt on the stock market
Think of the liquid that they serve
Calling it coffee takes some nerve
While you’re still too young to be aware
They’re pointing their loaded god at your head
The crap that these stations play
It’s always format before taste
I could go on and on and on
Really on and on and on…