June 2023:

So… it seems that the upcoming albums “Infants on Ice” and “Toddlers in Tweed” will get a little sibling. “Grannies on Grass” is the working title for a new set of songs that we just recorded. A litte more mature. But still great. That’s the plan.

November 2021:

With the upcoming album “Infants on Ice” still on the assembly line, it’s little ADHD sibling is starting to kick and move too. “Toddlers in Tweed” will be a bit faster, a bit punkier, and great. That’s the plan.

April 2021:

A new album is in the making, with the working title “Infants on Ice”. A bit slower, a bit darker, and great. That’s the plan.

December 2020:

The new album “Titles and Frames” is now available for streaming. It’s classic pop and rock, with a mix of retro and now, dealing with the big things in life: love, friendship and loss. And a bit of death. Please enjoy!

November 2020:

We all have that friend who never grows up. A curse or a blessing? Just a Boy is the new single from Un Rodo Cora.

October 2020:

It’s powerful and intimate. It’s grandiose yet delicate. It’s a song about the big things: life and death, love and loss. It’s called Grand Piano, but it’s just guitars…

September 2020:

Here is the first single from our upcoming album. Flowers And Gardens is two plus minutes of champagne sparkles that quite possibly will prolong the summer. Please enjoy!

The album called Titles And Frames is scheduled for release in December.

February 2020:

Our record label is turning 30 and will celebrate in big style Saturday February 22nd at Southside Cavern in Stockholm with an evening packed with live shows:

Latvian Radio – the New York powerpop band will do their very first gig in Sweden. The new album “Give in to the night” is currently climbing the US college radio charts.
Un Rodo Cora – the always mysterious art pop band will take a break from studio work and do a rare live performance.
Stellan Wahlström Drift Band – they released the very first Belpid 7″, now they’re here with songs from the coming album.
Infants on ice – a brand new band with a cast of Belpid luminairies.

More info on www.belpid.se

December 2019:

The recording of our next albums is completed and we are entering the mixing zone. The title will be “Titles And Frames”. The theme this time will be of Friendship, Love and Loss. Scheduled for release in 2020.

Here are some pics from the recordings.