“Timeless pop music.. Titles and frames is by far their best album.. It’s varied, has lots of excellent pop songs and apart from the ugly cover the album is nothing but a pure pleasure. I could go through the album song by song and shower them with superlatives.” 8/10
// Zero Magazine (SWE)

“Un Rodo Cora is one of those groups that leave us perplexed, we don’t know how to react or what to say, but one thing is certain, the music is intelligent, dynamic and makes us want to move to the rhythm of the melodies.”
// Direct Actu (France)

“This indie/alternative musical stew is so diverse, exhuberant and always new, and still carrying the classic aroma of the best popular music of our time. It sprouts and radiates in an irresistible way in this genuine manifestation of a vibe that – beyond music – I can only express as Unconditional Love. So strong, so simple.”
// Rooted Sounds (Spain)…

“And there you have it, 10 songs in 34 minutes and it’s quite a journey. These guys have smarts and gumption and aren’t afraid to take the pop tag into different directions (or make a statement). Dive into the world of Un Rodo Cora but make sure you’re in the deep end.”
// Dagger Zine (USA)

“The big treat comes when Christo’s wealth of ideas and love of melodies boils down to catchy indie folk pop trifles. There is plenty of that here… …and it serves him well.”
// Värmland Folkblad (Sweden

“As the album progresses and slowly runs to its end, the strong variation between the ten tracks on “Love Thy Neighbor” is even more noticeable. All kinds of music styles and genres are explored for these songs and a nostalgic looking back is also present in almost every song on this album. Our urging desire, however, is mainly to push the ‘Replay’ button at the end of these 33 minutes pleasantly enjoyable music of Un Rodo Cora.”
// Rootstime (Belgium)

”This is what I call perfectionism”
// The Big Takeover (USA)

”Somtimes timeless surprises pops up and Un Rodo Cora is one of them.”
// Allehanda (Sweden)

“A masterpiece of psychedelic, alcoholic, noisy and melodic pop music. A masterpiece that surprises and catches you by the freshness, the immediacy and the variety of content and form. Short songs that go to the center of the center.”
// Staf Magazine (Spain)

“Characteristic for all the songs is the presence of a catchy melody that immediately sounds familiar.”
// Rootstime (Belgium)

”Listen to the album a few times and before you know it you will have lost count how many times you have actually replayed all of the tracks. On the way to work, on the way home and in between.”
// KJXM Radio (US)

”Fewer limitations and more surprises are two given catchwords if you shortly try to describe Un Rodo Cora… Of course they are a nightmare for all those who just have to sort music into niches, but a source of happiness for everyone not suffering from that kind of identity crisis.”
// Länstidningen (Sweden)

“At times this album is just fantastic.”
// Barometern (Sweden)

“This manifests itself in fresh, immediate and EU-compatible pop. In other words – Un Rodo Cora reaches across borders. Their second album is really good, energizing and addictive.”
// Nya Wermlandstidningen (Sweden)

“Something genuinely new in the rock area… …It’s an intense album containing 16 pieces which involve you, but remain simple and straightforward in the best rock tradition.”
// Suburbia (Italy)

“Liberating and at times brilliant.”
// Gefle Dagblad (Sweden)

”Un Rodo Cora is one of many rock bands at small labels that don’t get the attention they deserve… For those looking for rock music with a character of its own Un Rodo Cora is an obvious choice.”
// Zero Magazine (Sweden)

“Some really impressive jewels”
// Sundsvalls Tidning (Sweden)

”It could be very shattered with such a mix of influences and musical approaches, but instead it’s quite the opposite. Un Rodo Cora is responsible for highly cohesive pop music, that is sometimes allowed to float in a slightly more dissonant rock landscape.”
// Joyzine (Sweden)

“A really great melodic rock album that should change the image of Sweden as the great hit nation, only able to produce commercial music. If you take a step further into the Swedish music scene you’ll find lots of undiscovered bands deserving an international breakthrough. But even if the object of Un Rodo Coras inspiration varies, the album as a whole is surprisingly consistent. It’s one of those albums that you’d like to say something negative about, because it seems so overwhelmingly good, but it’s impossible.”
// Subzone (Denmark)

“Songs full of heart and soul, and with a well-produced radio sound. But the David of the Stockholm pop has even more to offer; first class hook-lines, that stretches itself like an umbrella to keep the everyday cares away, or the carefree French way in which the songs are delivered… They will soon be famous, with certainty.”
// Realmusic (Germany)

“We’re already looking forward to what world cities the next trip of Un Rodo Cora will take us”
// Rootstime (Belgium)

“Christo has written a beautiful bunch of delicate pop pearls…. “Pigs” and “Somewhere in the City” are two fantastic ballads, and “The Good Boy”, “Is Your Life Any Better?” and “I Had A Lot” is power pop of the very finest brand… There are so many strong songs here that the album definitely can be recommended”
// Puls (Norway)

”Eight excellent tracks that are both artistic and listening-friendly. The tone is a bit retro, but still very modern. Maybe it’s just timeless… This is simply fantastic music.”
// Lyssningsknark (Sweden)

”Full of Beatles-esque songs, soft careful pop ballads and catchy pop songs with handclap… Un Rodo Cora is a breeze of their own in the warm pop desert where these bands otherwise are in exile. They get stuck in your brain… And I hope they’ll be playing ”Pigs” many times. It might be this years most delicate melody.”
// Dagens Skiva (Sweden)

”Christo is a skillful conductor. So it’s allowed to be a little weird and playful, but never messy or silly. Furthermore Bo Christo has a pleasant and sharp expression in his lyrics, which tickles you and makes you want to play this album over and over again. And after the tenth time or so you realize that Un Rodo Cora have made a very good album.”
// Västmanlands Läns Tidning (Sweden)

“A small wonder of English-speaking pop, with classic ingredients but with a unique result… Paris-Stockholm is a masterpiece which for a long time should forgive Sweden for it’s pop history.”
// Cargo (France)

“I like this little record. It sound old fashioned and classic, rusty and modern at the same time.”
Zero Magazine (Sweden)

”They follow a path that’s often sunny, at times however accompanied by more introspective and darker parts which transform New York-Barentsburg into a record much more than simply pop.”
// Kronic (Italy)

”Clever and catchy pop.”
// Ikon (Swe)

“Intelligent guitar rock with pop ambitions, rich with a special fragile beauty… A balanced and very refreshing album almost with an atmosphere of Beatles, full of elegant melodies and memorable lyrics.”
// Rockblock (Czech Republic)