Flowers And Gardens (lyric video)

Flowers And Gardens by Un Rodo Cora (Official lyric video)
Released: 4th September 2020
From the album Titles And Frames (Belpid Records)


So you missed the train
Standing in the rain
You watch it disappear again

This time it was so close
Right in front your nose
You really need someone to blame

And I think you take it well

You never had the gift
To discover or to lift
Pick a winner is always risky

It’s a tricky one
Time can prove you wrong
You need a nose to pick a whisky

I think you take it well

And slashing is so simple
Anyone can spot a pimple
But I think you take it well

Well I was told today
You wrote a wide array
Of books on gardening and plants

Maybe I was wrong
Misjudged you all along
Maybe you can when I just can’t

So keep exploring that well
And I can loathe myself