Love Thy Neighbor – 2016

Released: 20/9/2016Label: Belpid RecordsFormat: AlbumTracks: 10 1. /dʒəˈruːsələm/2. You Will Love Again3. Crawler4. Perfecter5. Limo6. Please Bear With Us7. Beautiful World8. Let My People Go9. 34 Corrections10. God Bless The World Links:SpotifyiTunesLyrics

New York-Barentsburg – 2003

Released: 01/12/2003Label: Belpid RecordsFormat: AlbumTracks: 12 01. NYB02. The Good Boy03. Iridium04. Is your life any better? (Before I Knew Asperger)05. Want06. I Had A Lot07. It’s Over (Not Even Diamonds Are Forever)08. Pigs09. Watch Your Head10. Platter11. Somewhere In The City12. Barentsburg Links:SpotifyiTunes

The Perfect EP – 2014

Released: 24/3/2014Label: Belpid RecordsFormat: EPTracks: 4 01. A Perfect Life02. Perfect03. Perfect Strangers04. Perfect Match Links:SpotifyiTunes


“This indie/alternative musical stew is so diverse, exhuberant and always new, and still carrying the classic aroma of the best popular music of our time. It sprouts and radiates in an irresistible way in this genuine manifestation of a vibe that – beyond music – I can only express as Unconditional Love. So strong, so …

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Paris-Stockholm – 1999

Released: 12/06/1999Label: Belpid RecordsFormat: AlbumTracks: 16 01. Cyclo02. Aerial Vault03. Shelter04. The Promise05. Exile in Bassville06. Keeps07. Slime08. Don’t Feed the Beggars09. Je Ne Parle Pas Nepalais10. The Waiting11. What the Anthropoids Missed12. Surpritze13. There’s Always a Reason14. Dance?15. Fly16. Fin16. Paris-Stockholm/Lady Bracknell Links:Spotify

Beijing-Bangalore – 2011

Released: 28/12/2011Label: Belpid RecordsFormat: AlbumTracks: 8 01. She’s out of here02. I Can Protect You From the Lions Out There But Not the Chicken Inside03. Tired of Being a friend04. Shark Fin Town05. The Opposite vs The Same06. This Ugly Town (So Beautiful)07. Pearl08. Je Ne Parle Pas Nepali Links:SpotifyiTunes